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The Lab Of The Future




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4G Dental Lab is proud to offer virtually every fixed restorative product on the market.  Our commitment is to provide the latest technology and best materials at the best pricing in the dental lab industry. 


Our comprehensive selection of products are made to keep you on the cutting edge of dentistry and improved patient experience.

The Lab Of The Future

Intraoral scanners and digital impressions are increasingly popular with dentists and patients because of their comfort, ease of use and accuracy.


4G Dental Lab embraces intraoral scanning technology in all its forms. Whether you are using CEREC, iTero, 3Shape, 3M True Definition, Medit or most any other digital impression technologies on the market today 4G Dental Lab can accept your files from any open system (.STL export) and create the highest quality restorations from a wide variety of materials.

To learn more about our services and how to send your files, contact our experienced CAD/CAM team at

833-682-8901. ( EXT. 3 )

Core Values

Our core values are the basic elements of how we work together to ensure that we create a true partnership for the practices we serve across the U.S. The commitment that we have for our Dental practices and each other are the 4G's;





4G Dental Lab

The            Difference

4G Dental Lab

"Our difference starts with our service. As the dental lab market becomes more commoditized, we separate ourselves by providing you and your team next level customer service."

We constantly look to improve the quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of the restorative and preventive solutions we offer.


As your trusted laboratory partner, we will strive to deliver solutions that simplify treatment, optimize results and improve the lives of your patients.

Meet The 4G Dental Lab Team

Lily Dinh

Accounting Manager

Has a BBA in Accounting and MBA in Management.


She loves spending time with her husband and their new baby.

Amanda Crimm

Lab Director

Brings over 20 years’ experience in diverse executive support roles with 10 years in the dental industry.

She speaks 5 languages, enjoys gardening, hotrods, and spending time with her family.

IMG_1478 (2) (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Stephanie Parks

Business Development Manager

10 Years Dental Experience

Working chair side in 

General Dentistry, TMJ

and Sleep Therapy.

Enjoys the outdoors, watching her son play baseball and spending time with family. 


RR photo.JPG
Rebecca Roberts

Technical Manager

Has 14 years’ experience in the dental lab industry.

She also over sees the Technical Communications Team.


She enjoys exercising, living a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with her two sons.




Crown & Bridge

Layered Zirconia

Layered Zirconia offers outstanding biocompatibility, strength and maximizes esthetics. The zirconia understructures prevent black lines and graying at the gingival margins. The esthetic restoration is built on a coping composed of incredibly strong zirconium oxide. 


IPS e.max

4G’s e.max restorations are ideal for single crowns, 3-unit bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays. This lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is pressed or digitally designed with the use of CAD/CAM technology. This product gives the dentist ultimate esthetics, conventionally cemented in the posterior or anterior regions. 

4G Dental Lab Crown & Bridge

Esthetic Zirconia

4G’s Esthetic Zirconia is the dentist’s best monolithic option combing proper strength with natural esthetics thanks to gradient color and translucency. This material comes with a MPa strength of 1050 giving the dentist the option to use in a broad range on indications including long span bridges. The gradient colors match the color transition of natural teeth.

dental crown.jpeg

Full Zirconia 

The 4G Full/Solid Zirconia crowns and bridges are made from 100% pure zirconia from Adite Technology. The Full Zirconia crowns are made at 1200 MPa. With ultimate strength and esthetic appearance this material is ideal for comprehensive indications including posterior crowns and long span bridges.


Cast Metal Partial

These case chrome partials offer a superb fit and exceptional strength. Our partial dentures can be combined with a variety of designs and clasp types.


Valplast Flexible Partial

Valplast is a flexible base resin ideal for partial dentures or unilateral restorations. The biocompatible nylon and thermoplastic resin of Valplast provide the perfect degree of flexibility and stability when processed and finished to the recommended thickness.


Standard Dentures

Our Standard Denture offers a quality product to your patients without the premium price. These dentures are durable offering the best functionality and aesthetics possible using our house branded teeth. The 4G Standard Denture is the default when choosing immediate denture on the Rx.


Premium Dentures

4G’s premium Denture offers a wide selection of molds and shades to create the perfect patient denture utilizing Ivoclar Vivadent’s denture teeth. These natural looking layered teeth reproduce lifelike esthetic results.


Hawley Retainer

A Hawley retainer is one form of orthodontic retainer, which uses a combination of a hard plastic or acrylic plate connected by a thin metal wire.


Space Maintainer

A space maintainer is a dental device that is custom-made by a dental professional using acrylic or metal material. The appliance can either be removable or cemented in a child's mouth with the primary purpose of keeping the space open. 


Essix Retainer

An Essix Appliance is a clear plastic shell that conforms exactly to the contours of the teeth to aid in the maintenance of tooth position. The Essix Appliance is used to maintain a previous orthodontic result or to simply prevent undesirable movement of the teeth.


RPE Rapid
Palate Expander

A rapid palatal expander (RPE) is a specially made appliance used to widen the two halves of the top jaw, also known as the palate or maxilla. The two halves are joined together by a “suture” in the center of the roof of the mouth.


4G offers comprehensive implant solutions. Whether you need custom titanium or zirconia abutments, a single posterior unit, or multiple unit bridges, 4G Dental Lab has the expertise, experience, and products to make your implant cases successful for all major implant manufacturers.

We have the latest technology available and can provide you with uncompromised aesthetics on even the most complex implant cases.

4G offers a Zirconia and Titanium Abutment Package in order to help standardize your implant costs.

Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.22.35 PM.png

4G Dental Lab embraces intraoral scanning technology in all its forms. Whether you are using CEREC, iTero, 3Shape, 3M True Definition, Medit or most any other digital impression technologies on the market today 4G Dental Lab can accept your files from any open system (.STL export) and create the highest quality restorations from a wide variety of materials.

Our CAD/CAM Design Team specializes in creating digital designs that can be visible electronically via the customer portal for doctor approval.

Contact our experienced CAD/CAM team at

833-682-8901. ( EXT. 3 )

Use Code 47531


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Doctor Portal

4G Dental Lab offers an individual doctor portal where you can check case status, schedule pickups, attach patient photos, add clinical preferences, pay your bill, and more.


Click the link below to get connected.

Dentist Chair

Houston, TX

I’ve been sending 4G Dental Lab a large percentage of my fixed restorations. The 4G team provide next level communication with quality restorations at a great price.

Dr. Hedge

Denver, CO

4G Dental Lab has been a God send for us! The zero stress crown deliveries and removable prosthetics that rarely need adjusting all while saving us money compared to local lab has been awesome.

Dr. Arthur

Minneapolis, MN

4G Dental Lab has been a blessing to my practice. I utilize the full range of products and services. The service is first class and products are quality leading to practice efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

Dr. Gustafson

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